Monday, August 4, 2008

I love my Lily!

First off: thanks for all the congrats, everyone! I love to know that people actually read our blog and that I'm not just doing it for my own enjoyment... We are very VERY excited for our new addition! I am just over 15 weeks along and I'm feeling great. I've been a little nauseous at times and EXTREMELY tired, but that's all over with (for now, at least). We've heard the heartbeat twice. It was in the 160s last week...and old wives' tales say that means girl. They were true with Lily! I'm due...well, this is a bit of a debating point for me and I like to be precise, so I say January 24 but the doctors say January 29. Not that much of a difference, but enough for me - if you are REALLY interested in the reason for the discrepancy I'd be happy to explain! :D

Anyway, I also wanted to share how cute and incredibly smart Lily is! Lately I've been reading at every chance I get (first Eragon, now Eldest...which is taking forever, by the way). I usually sit and read in one of the two blue recliners that my in-laws have. Well today, Lily was wanting to get up on the other blue recliner, so Jonny sat her up on it. Then she says "buh." Book. Not only was that her very first time saying that word, but when Jonny gave her her book, she started reading it on the chair just like Mommy! Isn't that the cutest thing?! Oh she is just so precious!


  1. Hey, you've updated your blog, yay! :) About that discrepency - - I'm with you. I think doctors need to take that FF training course...ha ha. Sooo cute about Lily too. You should try and get a pic of her reading the book. Sounds adorable. It's such a fun age eh? They are starting to come out with the cutest things. Gwen says Hi to Lily. :)

  2. It's about time you updated your blog;) Glad to hear how you are doing. I was nauseous until my 2nd trimester, and I felt great after that. Can't wait to hear what you are having. Hey, post some pictures next time!