Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hannah is 15 months!

Hannah's 15 month appointment was this month.  She gained a whole 7 ounces in 3 months, bringing her total weight to 16 lbs 8 oz!  She's in the "less than the 3rd percentile," but the pediatrician wasn't worried one single bit because she jumped from the 25th %ile for her height to the 45th %ile! (30.5")  So she's just skinny!

Everything else was quite uneventful.  I was hesitant to get the chicken pox and MMR vaccinations because of things I've heard, but we decided to do it for a couple different reasons.  So that didn't make her a very happy camper.

She's also started to talk a LOT more.  It's been a huge struggle to get her to even say "mama" or "dada" so any other words are pretty much out of the question!  She does say "up" every now and then, and she signs a lot.  But not much babbling.  For almost a week she said "mamamamama"....then, nothing!  But NOW!  Now she said "hi dada" (usually when she has a phone on her ear), "uncle" "ha chhh" (hi Charlotte)" "I did it" "thank you" "boo!" - of course, most of those are all things that you wouldn't understand unless you've been around her for a while, but she repeats them over and over the exact same way...she's totally saying them.  She also tells us what the doggy says, and is learning body parts (she knows what a nose and belly button is).  She enjoys playing with Lily, even though Lily can be mean to her!  But they're pretty good buddies.  I can't believe how quickly they grow up! 

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