Monday, April 18, 2011

Computers. Who knew?

I've been telling Jonny for the past 3 years that I wish he were a nerd because then he could be a computer programmer or engineer and make a lot of money. Well, at least more than we have been making. But that's not really his forte. He can navigate computers quite well and do technical stuff, but when it comes to the science part...that's definitely not what his brain was made for. So when he got a new job at a company called PC Care Support, I thought "right.  Jonny doing IT? Not gonna happen." Turns out he doesn't do much with the computers - he mainly just sells the product, which is computer support for small businesses (mostly). The company is fairly new but they're doing quite well. Jonny is their sole closer - well actually he was until just this week when they hired another closer. Anyway, they're doing well enough where they're ready to expand to other states! And since Jonny is pretty much one of the best employees a company could ask for, they're sending him to open up a new area! So what does that mean for us? You got it: we're moving! And where, might you ask?  Fort Worth, Texas!

We are very excited! We've both said that we don't want to raise our kids in Utah. Sounds weird coming from an LDS family, right? Well Utah isn't's a very nice place, it's just not for us. So to Texas we go! The plan is to be there long enough to start up the area, hire a team, then move on to a new place in about a year - hopefully the place where we want to settle, especially since Lily will be starting Kindergarten next September. 

I've been itching to move out of Utah, but the weird thing is: now that I have the opportunity to go, I'm quite sad about it! And I think a lot of it has to do with being comfortable. I'm comfortable here. I know the area, I know the people, we have great friends, our ward is awesome. A new place comes with a lot of challenges that I haven't faced in a while. Stepping out of my comfort zone is very hard for me. Being social and making new friends is extremely hard. But I know I'll have to do it sometime! 

The other part that makes me sad is that we will be farther away from both our parents. Jonny's parents live 10 minutes away and we see them often. They have an amazing relationship with our girls and it is very hard to know that it just won't be the same when we go. And what's even harder is that the girls won't remember much of our time here. Lily - very little. Hannah - even less, if any. And Kate, none at all. I get very emotional at the thought of that because that was one of the main reasons why we moved back to Utah in the first place - so our kids could have a good relationship with their grandparents. My mom also visits frequently. It's about a 9 hour drive for her, and she doesn't mind doing it often for whatever crazy reason. :)  We've seen her a lot in the past 3 years. But with the area having 2 major airports, I hope it won't be too much for her to jump on a plane and visit. 

Sorry I'm rambling. There's just a lot of my mind. So...moving. We're excited to move on with our lives and get where we need to go. It will be a great adventure. Oh, and we're doing it in 10 days. 


  1. You will be greatly missed in the Utah area!!! I've really enjoyed having you here. I'm so sad that you're moving!! But I wish you the best of luck and hope that the next developmental area will be really close to wherever I am. ;) Love you lots!

  2. I just wanted to write you and let you know that we LOVE Texas. It definitely is not easy to get up and move, especially when you have friends and family around, but you will love Texas. Good luck with the move!

  3. WOW! You're moving in 10 days?? That's crazy! Totally doable, but wow. I'll be praying that you all have a smooth move!!

  4. HOLY WHAT!?!?!?! That is FAST!!!! But hopefully that means more (ALOT MORE) $$$$ for you guys! Too bad Kentucky isn't on the way to Texas....When are we going to see each other again!? Good luck! We love you guys and are so excited for you!!!