Friday, April 18, 2008


For all those who don't know - we've moved to Utah! Surprise!! Crazy, huh? It all happened so fast that I never got around to announcing it. And now I don't have my laptop, so I have to make time to sit down at my desktop computer...and with an 11-month-old that gets into EVERYTHING that she's not supposed's a little difficult at times.

We left Virginia on March 22 and drove to Richmond to spend Easter with my sister, Brie, and her family, and my sister Liz and her boyfriend John. It was a great weekend, but really sad to leave them. We started off on Monday (after stopping by Costco and getting a new toy - a GPS!), and drove to Kentucky to stay with our friends John and Erin. After a wonderful dinner and playing some Wii/DS, we went to bed. Tuesday morning we packed up and drove until Kearney, NE! Our goal was to make it to Kansas City, MO that day, but we made it there at dinnertime (and ate at a great BBQ place, Arthur Bryant). And since Lily was being absolutely wonderful in the car, we decided to just keep on going! Wednesday morning we headed out first thing in the morning, and drove all the way to Cedar Hills, UT! 3 full days of driving, but it was definitely worth it.

We're temporarily living with Jonny's parents in Cedar Hills while we look for a house (or, a place to live). I don't mind living with them, but I really want to have a place of my own, so we're trying to find something soon! :)

Well that's it in a nutshell!

(Oh my goodness...I'm such a goober! I wrote this on Friday morning - April 18, and I never published it. Now it's Saturday night...dork.)


  1. Wow, that's quite the trip! Did you get pictures of all the states you drove through? Welcome back to Utah, I bet it's a big change from the East Coast!

  2. WOW I'm glad you are closer. What inspired this move? That is exciting. I'm going to saint george this weekend for a wedding to bad we won't be going to ceder hills this weekend it would have been fun to hang out. Now that you are closer we will have to plan a weekend to meet somewhere hehe... I'm happy for you! I know you'll find a place pretty quick.
    Talk to you soon.

  3. You live so close! We are in Provo, just 2 blocks from BYU. We should get together!

  4. Yay! You're closer to cali.! I haven't seeing you in forever! I'm glad the driving part went well. I can't imagine having a baby and traveling that far! I hope you guys find a place of your own soon.