Friday, October 3, 2008

The inevitable...

Well, the inevitable finally happened: we lost our house. I was just waiting for it to happen, so I've come to terms with it. It really really REALLY sucks, but maybe something better will come along for us. As for Jonny...well, I think he's in denial. He doesn't like to admit or talk about things like this, so I think he's just trying to forget about it. Poor guy.

It's going to be extremely sad to see this house go, especially after the months we spent watching it being built. I'm not sure we'll get into another house by the end of the year...or by the time the baby's born, but someday I suppose. I'm still waiting for my long lost rich uncle to die and leave me as his sole heir! Ha, I wish!!

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. We really do appreciate them! And we know that Heavenly Father has *something* in store for us...even if it's not what we thought it was!

So anyway, sorry for such a downer post! I'll try and work on a happier one this weekend!


  1. That's such a bummer, I'm sorry! I think you'll just find something better though, it seems to happen that way! I like your new picture though-it's cute!

  2. I love your new picture with your hubby=) I'm sorry to hear about your house. Brad and I have been struggling to buy a house, living in L.A. Everything is so stinkin' expensive!!! Good luck with everything;) ... and yay for another girl!!!

  3. Ugh, we are so sorry. Things will work out even better than expected and this will be a small bump in the road. I can't believe how many teeth Lily has!!! I was sad to not see any belly in your pics. Show that thing off sister!

  4. Life sucks! I love you, my Lornas!