Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life works out after all!

Well, I'm late on the news, but Jonny finally got a job!!! He heard back last week from an interview with Canyon Stone in Salt Lake. The want him to start on the 20th, so he did a small temp job that he absolutely hated. It was basically assembly line work, but he did it because we needed it. I'm so proud of him. So the job is for a sales/estimator position, which is a mix of what he was doing here and in Virginia. The company does exterior stone and stucco for commercial and residential properties. He's been doing flooring for the past 3 years, so it'll be a little different, but I'm sure he'll pick up on it quickly and do amazing!

But, since the job's base pay isn't high enough, we don't qualify for our townhome. :( But we found this great townhouse in Pleasant Grove that's similar to the townhouse in Lehi. 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage. It's almost perfect for us! It doesn't have a backyard or a basement for all of our crap, but that's ok. It does have a common grass area in the back, so that'll work. We'll be just fine! So we signed the papers last night and we'll be in on Saturday!! Woo hoo!! I will try my best to get pictures up ASAP (along with another belly pic that I know is long overdue).

Lily is growing SO much! I take her in tomorrow for a checkup, which she hasn't has since she was 9 months! But last week, Jonny and I wrote out a list of words that she can say. Not ones that she copies, like "Lily, say microwave" or something, but ones that she actually knows and comes up with on her own. Any guesses as to how many words she can say???

I'll leave you in suspense and post the list when I update after her appointment. It may or may not be tomorrow... :)


  1. I glad things are working out for you. It sounds like the job and new home are going to be great! When are you due?

  2. Hey! This is Caralee, Malynda's sister. I'm so glad he got a job and you will be in a house! That is so exciting! Congrats!!

  3. I sooo happy for you! It will be fun to live in utah again. hehe... Have you picked out names for your baby?

  4. it has been a long time! Congrats on the job, baby, house...all that fun stuff!