Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 Days Overdue...

Can I have a hormonal over-due pregnant woman vent please?

Yes, I'm still pregnant - QUIT BUGGING US! :)

I'm slightly kidding, but seriously, it's really annoying. The baby will come when the baby will come, and you all will know as soon as we can tell you. If we haven't called you or posted her pictures and stats, it's because the baby hasn't made her grand arrival.

Ok, vent over. Now onto the good stuff. I spent all Thursday, Friday, the weekend and yesterday waiting for a call from the doctor's office with the test results. I expected it to come - that's just how my luck goes. (They say they only call when the results are positive.) But nothing ever came. So I decided to call this morning. I had to ease my own nerves and know for sure what the results were. Well, the nurse said that all of the tests came back normal! I've read online that in order to be officially diagnosed with preeclampsia, you have to have high blood pressure (at least 140/90 OR a rise of 30/15 mm Hg from your normal blood pressure) AND the presence of 300 mg or more in a 24-hour urine collection. Well I definitely had the high blood pressure, but the nurse told me that my protein levels were at 115 mg. That's WAY lower than the 300! So yay!

Something else that's weird is that I've had Jonny's brother take my blood pressure for the past 3 days. On Saturday it was 130/85. Sunday it was around 120/75, and yesterday it was around 112/75. I haven't done anything different since last week to make it go down. Very very odd, but very very good. Now they have no reason to force an induction!

I have an appointment tomorrow morning. Hopefully they'll tell me I'm in labor and I don't know it. haha, I wish. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!


  1. Maybe the next time someone asks you, you should just say, "Oh, yeah the baby did come, did I not mention that?" Or just pre-record your answer, press play and walk away. Lol... So glad to hear you're doing well BP wise, maybe my low-bp vibes helped! Ha ha. I'll send 'go into labour' vibes now, maybe they'll work too! :)

  2. Good thing I decided to check your blog instead of call! ;) Glad to hear that everything is going well and no need for the induction!!

    Jessica (your neighbor)

  3. Lorna, you crack me up! I'm glad you tell it like it is. We're glad you're doing good and can have the baby naturally like you want.

  4. Has the baby come? Has the baby come? Has the baby come? Has the baby come? Has the baby come? Seriously...

  5. Well, your babies just like your belly, she's taking after her older sister, you love being pregnant! Whatever her stinkin' excuse is, I'm sure it's great. This just gives a few more days of one on one time with Lily and semi-restful sleep. Better than having a newborn sleep anyway. We can't wait to see her next month! I hope everything goes well and your delivery is a dream.

  6. I am thinking of you and will def pass this overdue information on to Linda and Cate...we all remember last time!! You are amazing, and I hope all goes well. Amy Decker