Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Post-appointment Update

At my appointment today my blood pressure was slightly higher and they found a little protein in my urine again. My midwife didn't seem too worried about it, thankfully. I told her that I would prefer to not be induced as long as I can help it. She ordered a 24 hour urine collection (fun fun!). I started that this morning and I'll turn it in tomorrow and get some blood work done to check how my kidneys and liver are doing, as well as a complete blood count. Once we get the results back from those (I'm thinking maybe Friday at the earliest), they'll decide if we can wait on inducing or if we need to right away. Since I'm full-term already (40 weeks this weekend), I'm hoping that my body will go into labor on its own before we get the results back and make any kind of decisions, and we won't have to worry about any of this anymore!

Thanks for all your concerns and well wishes. We'd still appreciate your thoughts and prayers in hopes that we have a natural, safe delivery. I'll post another update when we know what's going on! Hopefully it will be a
birth announcement!


  1. Crazy!! This might sound weird but you look so grown up now. I just remember you were the tinniest little kid in middle school! We were all so short! That's so funny!

  2. Oh yay! Its so exciting you are almost done! Congratulations again! -Caralee (Malynda's sister) Good luck, I hope everything goes well.

  3. Chad and I hope everything goes well! We had a fun time hanging out at your house the other night.