Thursday, April 2, 2009

Potty Training Success!

Mentally, I have been preparing Lily (and myself) for potty training since November. We actually tried starting back then, and she peed twice on her pink potty from Ikea...then she got sick the week after and suddenly developed this fear of the potty! Then it was Thanksgiving, and Christmas...and then I was 9 months pregnant...then Hannah was born, and my sister visited, and my mom was here...and now we finally had the time to just do it. So last Wednesday I decided to start. I would sit Lily on her potty every now and then (I think I either let her run around half naked or put panties on her), and she would never do anything...just sit there. But while I was cooking dinner, I think she said she needed to pee, or I had just sat her there. And she was just sitting, doing nothing, and I told her that she could have a lollipop if she peed. So she did!! The next morning was similar: she sat on the potty and did nothing, then I had to put Hannah down for a nap, so I walked upstairs. As I was coming downstairs I hear "Wet!" Well, Lily had peed in her potty and decided to pour it into the toilet. (I taught her that a couple months ago.) Great idea, but only when the toilet seat is up! So she poured it on the closed toilet and got it everywhere! Good thing pee is sterile!

Since then, she's only had a couple of accidents. She refused to go "number 2" in the potty. I mean, it's pretty scary if you think about it! We knew she had to go since she hadn't in a while, but she still wouldn't do anything on the potty. Then on Tuesday she was in the family room and said "poo poo" and ran to the bathroom. I didn't have to coax her at all - she just went! Yay Lily!

Oh, and the BEST part! Thursday morning at about 6:30am, she woke up calling for us. That is very unusual - she normally sleeps until about 8 or 8:30 these days. So Jonny went in to her room and she says "potty!" So he took her potty, and she went a lot! (I'm sure you all really care about this - but it's exciting for us!) But even better than that was that her diaper was completely dry! She had held it allllll night! And she did the same thing last night, except she woke up at 7:15 instead of 6:30 - which is fine with me!

So yay for Lily! I didn't expect potty training to go this well! It really gives me confidence as a parent. I can overcome diapers! haha. Now...if Hannah could just be potty trained already.....

This was from November, but here is Lily on her potty:


  1. yay for less diapers!!! that is aweosome that she woke you up to take her to the "potty" hehe... I can only imagine how exciting that would be... Good Job!

  2. How did you prepare her to start potty training? I really want to start getting Emily ready, but have no idea what to do!