Friday, May 1, 2009

Disneyland and Emily's Wedding!

(Warning!!! This post is pretty long! Don't say I didn't warn you!)

Jonny and I decided to take a trip to Disneyland two weeks ago. His cousin was getting married on April 25, and we really wanted to go, so we made a week long vacation out of it!

(I apologize in advance for the really detailed blog. Normally I don't like to explain day by day, but there were just so many things that happened that I need written down! Hopefully the pictures will make up for it.) We left on Sunday and went straight to the park to catch the fireworks show (they only do it on the weekends when it's not busy). We actually made it there with time to spare, so Jonny & Lily went on Buzz Lightyear - she was so scared that she curled up on the seat, and I took Lily on the Astro Orbitors - she was a little scared on that one goes a lot faster than you think! Lily wasn't sure what to do during the fireworks show. She thought it was cool, but lost interest toward the end. When everyone got excited as Tinkerbell flew around the castle, she started to say "hi Tinkerbell!" and wave furiously. The funny thing is, is that we have never mentioned Tinkerbell to her, so she had absolutely no idea who she was!

Disneyland 4-09_005

We spent the next 3 days at the park. On Monday, Lily was exhausted from the drive to CA, she was overwhelmed with so many new things, and it was ridiculously hot (98 degrees!), so it wasn't the greatest day. After she woke up from her nap, we decided to go on the Finding Nemo Submarines. While in line, Hannah spit up on me and I left the burp cloth in the diaper bag. As we're going down into the sub, Lily starts freaking out (as she did on just about every ride). We sit her in between us, but she won't calm down. Jonny was holding Hannah, and she kept spitting up on him throughout the entire ride (I think she was too hot). So the ride starts and Lily says "pee pee." Oh great. She has been doing that lately because she's learned that whenever she says it, we rush her to the bathroom. So does she really have to go, or is she just saying that to get out of riding the ride? Well, either way, we're stuck here for 15 minutes. She doesn't really calm down, and I'm sure everyone is thinking, Poor child...her parents are torturing her by making her go on this ride! Oh well! So I sat her on my lap, and that made her a little calm. Then suddenly, I feel this splashing on my feet. For a split second, I thought they had an interactive ride...kinda like the Bug's Life show. Then I realized...Lily peed. On me. Greeeeat. The ride finally ended and we were the last ones out (thankfully we were sitting at the end). The Cast Members were pretty cool about it - I'm sure they have to deal with that a lot. I just hated being the parent whose child caused the delay in the ride! Anyway, we got off the ride and, boy, were we a sight to see! I kinda wish we had a picture of it. Lily was wearing a jean skirt, so you could obviously tell she had peed her pants (or skirt...), I had pee pretty much all over the front of my jean shorts, so it looked like I had peed MY pants, Jonny had spit up all over his shirt, and Hannah was just as content as could be. Needless to say, we were done for the day. I looked over at Jonny and said "We're going home." We packed up and headed back to our friend's house (Jeff and Susannah - our friends from Virginia who now live in LA).

Disneyland 4-09_018
Lily riding the "cows" on the carousel

Disneyland 4-09_021
Lorna and Lily in the line for Casey Jr.

On Tuesday, Jeff, Susannah and their daughter Kate (who is 7 months older than Lily) went with us to the park. Thankfully, it wasn't as hot that was somewhere in the 80s. We met Jasmine, Ariel and Cinderella (Lily didn't really care), watched Playhouse Disney (which she LOVED), watched a parade at California Adventure, I beat Jonny at Toy Story Mania (my score: 159,100 with 34% accuracy; Jonny's score: 110,600 with 29% accuracy), and met Mickey and Goofy. The Celebrate parade at Disneyland was going on, so we thought we'd catch a little bit of it. We were standing in front of the castle and I put Lily on my shoulders so she could see over all of the people standing up. After shaking her booty for a little bit, she wanted to get down. When I let her down, she walked over and stood on the curb. Then she started dancing. Stomping her feet, clapping her hands, shaking her booty...and a lot of things I've never seen her do! I wish I would have had the video camera handy, but it was too far away for me to get while Lily was doing her thing, and I didn't want to take her away for fear of her not starting up again. Oh, and while she was dancing, most of the people around were watching her, not the parade! It was awesome.

Disneyland 4-09_037
Lily and Kate in line for the princesses

Disneyland 4-09_040
Lily and Kate with Jasmine

Disneyland 4-09_049
Lily and Kate with Ariel

Disneyland 4-09_053
Kate and Lily with Cinderella

Disneyland 4-09_055
The family with Goofy

Disneyland 4-09_059
The family with Mickey

Disneyland 4-09_063
Lily on a chair in Beast's Library

Disneyland 4-09_079
Jonny and Lily on Dumbo

Disneyland 4-09_086
Lily's "stage" during the parade

Disneyland 4-09_090
Lorna and Lily on the teacups (another of her favorite rides)

So on Wednesday, we went back to the park by ourselves. Lily had a couple of days to warm up to rides and understand what we do at Disneyland, so we were hoping it would be a really good day. Plus, the weather was in the 70s, so it was perfect! Lily was really good, and enjoyed most of the rides! We decided to watch the whole parade again, and she danced practically the whole time. It wasn't as cute as Tuesday's dancing, though. So it was a good day - our best day at the park.

Disneyland 4-09_101
The family with Pooh

Disneyland 4-09_109
The family with Tigger

Disneyland 4-09_115
Lorna, Lily and Hannah at Tom Sawyer's Island

Disneyland 4-09_123
Hannah was just a happy baby for the majority of the time!

Disneyland 4-09_146
Family castle picture

Disneyland 4-09_148

Thursday morning, we went back to the park to take a family picture in front of the castle and to do my "Lorna" in the big California letters. Jonny took Lily on Pirates - one of her favorite rides. We then headed up to Modesto, stopping in Fresno and visited Scott & Terry Olsen (long-time family friends of Jonny). The wedding was on Saturday in Oakland, and it was beautiful. It went pretty smoothly, and Emily and Bobby (the bride and groom) were very happy. The reception was that night in Modesto, and even though there were a few snags getting everything set up, it ended up absolutely beautiful!

Emily's Wedding 112

Emily's Wedding 394

Emily's Wedding 593
This one is probably my favorite picture of them

We drove home on Sunday...and it was a looooooooong day. We were all tired of being in the car, especially the girls, so we stopped more than usual, which made the trip even longer. We left Modesto around 9am and got home around 10:30pm. Too long of a drive after a long week. But it was a fun week! We had a blast, and would definitely do it again! We love Disneyland!

Here are some videos of Lily. This one is of her dancing at the parade (sorry it's kinda long...I know most people don't care about watching some other kid dancing...):

Lily at the parade from Jonny & Lorna on Vimeo.

And this one is Jonny talking to Lily about our Disneyland trip. It's almost 10 minutes don't say you weren't warned! I won't be offended if you don't watch it...I just thought I'd put it up for those who are interested.

Lily talks about Disneyland from Jonny & Lorna on Vimeo.

Lily loves flying! :) And that about sums it up! If you've stuck with me this far, I hope you enjoyed it and didn't get bored!


  1. Very cute! Glad you all had fun. It was nice meeting both of you and your little girl. It was also fun getting to know a little about both of you. =)

  2. Great pics! I loooooved the video of Lily dancing, it was just adorable! :) Don't have sound where I'm watching the videos, so I'll watch the talking one later, but I'm sure it's equally adorable. Looks like the girls had fun!