Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Terrys: 0, Mother Nature: 2

I didn't blog about our camping trip last year, but long story short: It was the beginning of June, we planned to go 2 nights and ended up leaving VERY early in the morning after the first night. This is why:

Camping 06-08_07

That's right. It snowed. It was freezing. So we left for the comfort of our warm home. We might have stayed for the next night if Lily wasn't with us, but she was so little and so cold! So Mother Nature won.

We decided to give camping a try again this year. We went up Spanish Fork Canyon with Andrew & Brittney and Chad & Clair for Memorial Day weekend. Leading up to it, the forecast looked awesome. No chance of rain whatsoever. And then Thursday came and everything changed. It rained practically all weekend. The rain was so bad on Saturday night that it started leaking through our tent. We didn't have any extra tarps (we had used them all up for shelter over the tables), so Jonny and I chose to drive the girls home. We bought a tarp for our tent the next day and didn't have any more problems. We had a ton of fun though! I'd call this one leaning slightly more toward the 'Mother Nature' winning side.

Camping 05-09_14
I'm so glad Jonny thinks he's cool. :)

Camping 05-09_27
Chad caught a rattlesnake and skinned it...

Camping 05-09_29
Then cooked it, and we ate some of it! It was chewy...

Camping 05-09_32
What a proud man.

Camping 05-09_33
Jonny & Hannah

Camping 05-09_37
Lily would do this every time she walked by the fire.

Camping 05-09_39
"Here's a pretty flower I picked just for you, Mommy!"

Camping 05-09_42
No comment.

Camping 05-09_53
Andrew & Brittney

Camping 05-09_35
Clair "cheesing"

Wow, it must have been early.
This is one of the only pictures of me. I love being the one behind the camera!


  1. Man you finally posted about this. lol Better late than never. I'm really glad we did that it was fun!

  2. Cute pictures!!! I especially love the one of Jonny and Hannah.

  3. Looks like a cold but fun trip. Love the Spoons picture. The snake pictures just about made me gag haha... That's awesome that you cooked up the snake.