Friday, August 21, 2009

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words...

So, to catch up with the past couple months, here are 27,000 words for you (plus some)!

Jonny got to shoot a .50 caliber rifle...

I didn't go...and I'm extremely bitter about it. I'm surprised I'm even blogging about it.


We went to Strawberry Days in Pleasant Grove. Lily rode the extremely shady "merry go merry go." But she still had fun!

My cousin Jesse had his Master's recital at the end of June. He did an AWESOME job!

We saw a double rainbow one day.


We celebrated July 4th with some of Jonny's family. Here's Lily eating some blueberries.

Kylee meticulously glazing the strawberries.

Yummy tart cake thing...

Victoria and Lily ready for the fireworks. (Lily's cousins told her to plug her ears......)

Some pretty awesome firework shots, if I may say so myself.


Lily, Christian and Victoria


Hannah is now almost 7 months old!! WOW how time flies! She started sitting up around the middle of July...

She had her first solid food on July 19. She wasn't sure about it at first

But she took to it amazingly well! Now she LOVES it and she is so impatient while we get it ready...

And anticipates the spoon coming toward her:

Here she is in her gDiapers! ( We use gCloth. Thanks Rachel!

Aren't they so cute?!

We went to her 6 month doctor's appointment at the beginning of August. She weighed 13 lbs (3-5%ile) and was 25 1/4" (~25%ile) long. Teeny tiny. But I'm not worried - she's just our petite girl. I'm sure with the solids she'll start to put on a little more weight. She can sit up by herself, and just in the past couple days she's really started to roll from her back to front. I think she's realized that there's something more to just laying there, as she was all over the place yesterday. She now sleeps 12 hours straight at night! She also is a mommy's girl, which I'm not used to because Lily was much more independent and loves her daddy. She cut her first top tooth on August 11, and her second top one on August 21. So she now has FOUR teeth! OUCH!


Lily is growing up so fast. There's nothing she can't say now. Her newest things are "stop it," "my body hurts," and "don't talk to me." Yep - she's 2. She is amazing at singing songs. I'll sing a line of a song but leave off the last word and she'll fill it in - a lot of times on key! She is just about fully potty-trained now! We still put a diaper on her at night, but for the past week it has been dry when she wakes up! Yee haw! She's quite stubborn and has selective hearing, but she can be very loving and so sweet. And she's a wonderful big sister!!



She did this all by herself.




One day I put her down for her nap in a normal outfit. When I went to get her afterward, she was wearing this. I think she was a little embarrassed, so she wouldn't let me take a picture of her!


We went up Provo Canyon with Jonny's former co-worker (Joe) and his family. Us as Bridal Veil Falls.

Joe splashed Jonny with a HUGE rock. Poor guy. At least it was hot!

Lily had tons of fun playing with her friends. And she got ridiculously dirty...

And that just about sums up the past 3 months! I've got one more post I need to do, but I have to upload those pics first. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

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