Tuesday, June 8, 2010

28 Week Appt

I had my 28 week appointment last week...the oh-so-fun glucose test!  It went well...besides the fact that I gagged down the glucose drink (fruit punch instead of orange this time!), did my best to keep from throwing it up, then went way too long without anything but an absurd amount of sugar in my body.  I haven't received a call back, so I'm assuming that I passed...thank goodness!

However, I did get a letter from my midwives in the mail telling me my hematocrit levels were a little low, which makes me slightly anemic.  To be honest, I haven't been as good with my prenatals as I should, which, when combined with the increased about of blood produced, naturally makes my iron levels lower.  So, I need to increase my iron by actually taking prenatals and eating food with iron.  Yippee!

Other than that, things are great!  Baby's heart sounded great, she was head down (though I'm not sure she still is), and I'm measuring right on (yay!!).  Next appointment is 6/22.

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