Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Portraits: Take 1

I took Lily to get her pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids today for her 6 month "birthday." To say the least, it was a disaster. Lily's nose was running out of control, slobber was coming out of her mouth like a freaking waterfall, she kept sticking her tongue out (cute, yes, but doesn't make for good smiles), and the photographer was practically crazy. I understand making noises to make the babies smile, but if you do too much, the baby gets waaay overwhelmed. So, we didn't buy anything. One good picture and over an hour later, we left. Maybe I'll take my own baby pictures.

Hopefully next time will go better...if I ever get up the courage to go again! This morning was exhausting and a bit traumatic (for me, not her, I'm sure).

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  1. Heres an sister that lives in Alexandria always takes her kids to JCPenney at one of the malls around there for their pictures. She always finds coupons in the paper for their portrait studio, and they always do really well. One time when we were in town visiting we all went and did family pics. They turned out great...They are alot more cost friendly than a specialty place like Kiddie Kandids. Anyways...good luck. Lily is getting cuter and cuter!!!