Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some serious slacking!

I think about updating this every now and then, but we've recently rearranged our apartment so that our Christmas tree would have a home, so our computer desk is back in our room. So I don't get back there much! Anyway, I have a ton of new pictures and videos that I need to upload...so know that they're coming! And I really need to update regularly....

In the meantime, I'll let you all know that things are going well! Not much has changed with Jonathan and me. Lily is a completely different baby that she was 3 months ago, though! She's started cruising along the couch, she's proficient at pulling herself to a standing position on ANYTHING she can reach, is working on mastering feeding herself finger foods, and does new tricks like "sniff" and "dance." We had a great Christmas in Richmond - which was spent with my side of the family.

Hope everyone is doing well and keep looking for my update!

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  1. Hey Lorna!!!!
    I love all your blog pictures! The halloween costumes were great! and you look great.. your daughter is soo pretty.. I love her name. Keep in touch.