Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy 8 months, Lily!


Lily is getting to be such a big girl!! Within the past 2 months (actually less!) she's gone from army crawling to pulling herself to standing position to crawling on all fours, and just last week she started standing on her own!! I can't believe that she's already (and only) 8 months old! She definitely is the center of our world these days. Even though she gets into everything now and still pretends to not know what the word "no" means, she can brighten our day with just one smile.

She can feed herself food and give us kisses. Daddy likes it when she calms down for just 2 seconds and sits with him or lays her head on his shoulder without fussing. She loves being mobile and doesn't want to slow down even the slightest bit - especially when it comes to changing her diaper. That is a challenge in itself.

Lily's personality has really started to blossom in the past couple weeks. We finally know what we need to do to make her belly giggle - scare her, actually! And she gets a kick out of chasing Mommy around the laundry basket.

What a fun little baby she is! We are extremely blessed to have her in our lives!!


  1. What a sweetheart! I cannot believe what a MOVER she is! (Especially compared to our little 9 month-old bum-scooter). You go, girl!

  2. She is TOOOO CUTE!!!! And your page is really spicing up!! How do you get that picture header!? Im jealous! I need to do something with John and my page. Anyways...We miss you guys so much and are continually trying to find a moment to come visit.

  3. I love your new page! I can't believe how much she has already grown and all the neat things she's doing, it's so cute!