Thursday, February 14, 2008

More milestones!

Well, the family was right. At Christmastime, they told us that Lily would be walking in 2 months. And not even 2 months later and she's already taking her first steps! Monday when Jonny came home from work, she decided she was just going to do it! I just don't believe it!! I got it on video - but now it's just the task of figuring out how to get the video from the camcorder to YouTube! But I did half of it last night, so I'll figure out the rest tonight or this weekend (hopefully). She looks like a little walking stick because she's so darn tiny!

Other than that, nothing else interesting going on - well, nothing I can publicly announce yet, anyway. ;) And no - I'm not pregnant. In time, I'll tell you all...but not yet. Gosh, our lives are so boring! Hopefully in the next few months they'll get a bit more exciting.

I feel like I need to add a picture. I love the Disney Dream Portrait Series they have with the famous's one of the new ones, in light of our upcoming adventure:

It's a bit pixelated, but it's still a great picture. JLo and Marc Anthony pose as Jasmine and Aladdin. Ah, I love fairy tales...

Oh yeah, and Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. WOW!! Your little girl is adorable :o)

    It sounds like you are doing well! I can't believe she is starting to walk. Keep this updated. I love looking at the photos of her too!!