Tuesday, December 2, 2008

8 weeks...EIGHT WEEKS!!!!

Holy crap. I am SOOO not ready for this baby! Only 8 more weeks! This pregnancy has seriously just flown by. AND, it's almost Christmas, and then I'll just have 4 weeks! YIKES!

Anyway, I haven't had any problems with this baby. She moves just about as much as Lily did (which is a LOT), and has hiccups every single day at least once, just like her sister did, and I think she has the same Dries booty that Lily does, because I can totally feel it pushing outwards...which is not comfortable. She enjoys getting her limbs right underneath my ribs (specifically my right one), so that's always a battle between us to see which one of us can win. But even though this pregnancy is almost identical to the first, my weight gain is significantly different. I've only gained 7-8 lbs so far. Compare that to last time where I had gained 13 lbs by 30 weeks (I'm 32 weeks now). I think it's all the stress since July, because it's not like I'm starving myself! Though one of my midwives told me to eat more. Ha, if I could, I would...

Last time I mentioned that Lily was saying many many words - and thanks, Katie, for thinking so highly of our daughter! Well, I completely forgot to go to her appointment in October and I couldn't get another one scheduled until last week, so here are her stats:

Length: 33.25" - 90th %ile
Weight: 22 lbs 1 oz - 10th %ile
Head Circumference: 45.4 cm - 10th %ile

So she's still long and skinny! She didn't enjoy the doctor's visit very much, though. She saw the dum dums on the way in and wasn't happy until she got something. And then she hated being locked in the room with me because she wanted to go say hi to everyone! I'm not sure where she gets her socialness from, because it's definitely not me! Anyway, when we counted in October, she could say 80 words on her own! Crazy!!! Now, I know she says easily over 100, and she's started to say sentences! She said her first sentence on November 14th - she said "Mama, more juice." Jonny and I were both totally speechless! It was great! But, even though she's a little social butterfly and chatterbox, she's learned how to answer "no" to everything. "Lily, will you pick up your toys?" "No!" "Lily, say doggy." "mmm mmm" (with a head shake). So that's really fun to deal with.... I'm trying to get her potty trained before this baby is born, but she's been sick on and off for a month, and now is afraid of sitting on her potty for some reason...so I'm not sure what to do. I really don't want to have 2 in diapers! or have to potty train Lily with a newborn - because we all know that that won't happen. But, she IS in her toddler bed! Yay! I wasn't sure how she was going to do, but we just laid her down in it one night about a month ago, and she slept all night! She did fall off once, though. Oh, actually she has slept on the floor right in front of the door for the past several nights (and naps). Any advice on how to change that? She won't sleep in her bed anymore at all. I've just been letting her sleep there, and sometimes I'll go in and move her onto her bed. But as soon as I close the door she starts crying and walks right back to the door. Hopefully she doesn't make a habit out of it...

So I've been crazy busy with things lately. I always take on too many projects at once, and I don't realize it until I've already invested too much time to turn back! My main priority right now is making my mom's home videos into DVDs for a family Christmas present. It's slightly time consuming, but the geek in me absolutely LOVES it. Plus, I enjoy watching the old videos. Though, I think I've seen every tape at least 3 times so I probably won't ever have to watch them again! Anyway, I was able to find this absolutely amazing software that allows me to do everything I need (editing-wise) and create a menu for the DVDs. It's awesome! I also started to crochet a blanket for the new baby, but by the time I sit down at night, I'm too exhausted to even think about crocheting. So we'll see if that even gets finished by the end of January. And then, we happened to buy a new Wii game, and that's addicting, too!! It's called Harvest Moon, if you're wondering. Seems silly, but it's super addicting! So add all that onto my mommy duties, growing belly, new home...eek! So I apologize for never updating this. It's just not in the front of my mind these days.

But I did upload some new pictures - you can see them on the left. I have some videos I need to upload, too. And I'm going to have Jonny take another belly picture tonight. I'll upload that when I can. So, sorry there are no new pictures, but I hope you enjoyed the update!

Oh, and by the way: the new baby does not have a name...and she won't until she's born - so don't ask!! ;)


  1. Wow, getting closer!!! These little girls are coming so soon!
    Hey, I've been trying to figure out how to copy tapes to DVDs too...help, what are you doing and how can I do the same?!

  2. Holy moly I can't believe you are having that baby so quick. Time did seem to fly by. I am so excited. Hopefully we will be able to see you guys at Christmas. We will be coming for a few days. Lots of love. Love the update and the pictures.