Thursday, February 28, 2008

Annoyed with the layout...

I hate this layout! Well, scratch that. I'm annoyed with the layout - I love the red! I just can't seem to get things how I want them! I know just enough HTML to be able to make sense of the code so that I can change things, but even then it's just not right...AND the code isn't even HTML - just related. Things are too narrow - I liked when I had the 3 columns. So, I apologize if you happen to be reading my blog and things are changed every day. I'm just going to play around with a few things and see what works.

On a happier note - it seems as Lily has gotten over the flu! She still has that darn runny nose, but she'll cut her tooth and be done with it. She's taking many more steps these days (only when coaxed) and it becoming much more of a "dare devil" where she'll stand alone for much longer or build up her courage to take a step from the couch to the ottoman. It almost looks like a little jump without both of her feet leaving the ground. It's cute. :)


  1. You have such a cute baby. It's amazing how kids grow up so fast! So when are you coming back to California? Any time soon?